Merry New Whatnot

Still eating. Still feeling less anxious: still annoyed with myself for allowing my weight to fall (even if the running was going well – those few pounds make a difference to effort required when you’re on the verge of PB territory. Perhaps. Probably not as much as I imagine).

I had yesterday off – as an extra day’s leave. And I did stuff. Got the car cleaned (it looks so much better now it’s not all green-and-mildewy on the edges), took things to the dump, to the charity shop, to the letterbox. Collected a forgotten pair of boots from the shoe menders. Went to B&Q. Failed to get my nails manicured, owing to spending so long in queues for the dump, the bank, the car wash, B&Q… Achieved some Guidemin, managed to sew the buttons onto my Ninja Goddaughter’s Gruffalo Sweater (she was given a lovely Gruffalo Sweater for Christmas. The neck band was too small – so I found the yarn used in the Sue Ryder shop, unravelled the neck band and a shoulder seam, made a placket buttonholeband, and knitted on a new neckband), started the second fingerless mitt (well. It’s actually the fourth – between Mitts 1 & 2 I had HUGE gauge changes. Mitt 3’s size matched Mitt 2 – nice and loose, and now I’m doing Mitt 4 to match Mitt 1 – slightly tighter), watched Carry On Camping, sorted out thank you presents for people, tried to diagnose what is up with the upstairs heating, which seems to turn itself on in the middle of the day for no apparent reason and slept in. Were I not on reduced running, I’d have gone for a run too. I did manage to give myself a manicure, but I’d been hoping for something a tad more professional.

Tonight. More knitting on the train – I am going to finish @aminorjourney’s socks this week (they have individual toes, which takes a bit more effort to achieve, but the effect is worth it. I also have brilliant dpns for them, which is more than I had last time I tried knitting fingered gloves, and thus it is a lot easier. Having good tools definitely helps). I do want to finish off the unfinished projects. I had hoped to do that before the end of the year, but I didn’t quite make it. Didn’t help that I had no navy embroidery thread to sew the buttons onto my cardigan…

Tomorrow: running with the work running group (nicely laid back). The plan for 2017 is one mid-week run, and one or two runs at the weekend. All, hopefully, at <160 BPM.


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  1. The heart rate training sounds like a good idea- not sure if you read the blog A Healthier Moo, but Mary did some interesting posts last year about training to heart rate.

    I love having a day where you get things sorted- I had a day the other day (no idea which day) where I sorted out clothes drawers and then kitchen cupboard- so satisfying to sort things out. Still need to take things to the charity shop, but one step closer!

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