This running to heart rate malarkey

Now, I’m pretty sure, you’re supposed to get a whole load more technical about this than ‘I will run most of my runs at a moderate pace, aiming to keep below 160BPM’. However, I’m pretty sure that most of the time, the medics also advise you to maintain or lose weight, and that you should do more exercise. So I’m being weird. And I miss tempo running like you would not believe. I accidentally ran 10K at lunchtime with work (with C, who is a nice slow pace, so the heart rate wasn’t an issue) so I skipped parkrun this week and just went out for a 6 mile or 2 episodes of ‘Just a Minute’ pootle today. I run slower if I listen to spoken word…

I am now, generally speaking, anything between 1 min and 2 mins/mile slower than what I consider ‘normal’. Which means that runs take longer…and I’ve more time to look at what’s going on around me, and to pay attention to the plethora of dogs that I meet while I’m out. Alas, no huskies for me today – although N met one. I met a lovely Jack Russell and a fluffy Alsatian type dog instead. And a couple of Spaniels. And a Pug who fancied joining my run. And a small toddler who was very carefully walking the dog, but wasn’t responsible enough to have a dog, so just had a lead to carry….Naaaaw.

It was nearly noon when I took the above!

Last weekend, I did both Pednor 10, and the Box Hill Knacker Cracker. I’d recommend both. I’d not recommend doing both in the same weekend, to be honest, but it did give me the excuse to really try and take it easy on the Knacker Cracker. Not that you can really take it easy with those hills. Howsoever. I pootled. I beetled on the flat. I walked when my heart rate headed up to 180BPM, and I stayed below 170 as best I could the rest of the time. I’m glad I did it, and will do it again next year. However, it did nothing for my weight-gaining abilities, and I appear to have gained then lost about 2lbs this last week or so…MORE FOOD! MORE FOOD! Feed me cake, please? I was in TK Maxx slightly earlier today. I bought Baci, as well as knives for the Guide units.

And this weekend? Yesterday was spent failing to buy 1mm bare copper wire for the hospital unit, and de-Christmas decorating the house. Today was spent having a slow run, doing Brownies Accounts preparation (I must settle down to the gift aid at some point, but need last year’s accounts first), and cutting up some truly geriatric parsnips, potatoes (they’d sprouted) and sweet potatoes (display until 25th October, apparently) to make soup (boil up with chicken stock, garam masala and ras al hanout. Puree. Add a small pot of some sort of yoghurt – possibly the geriatric soya yoghurt that’s been kicking about since before Christmas if it’s not gone off. Decant. Have for lunch. Cheap, yummy, nutritious).  I’m going to finish the sewing and knitting which I didn’t do yesterday, as we randomly went out, and supper will be lemon mushroom pasta.

ETA: OK. The soya yoghurt had most definitely had it. But I found a pot of dairy starter from November, which was perfectly fine, so I used that. From which you may gather: if it’s not actually gone off, round here, it gets used regardless of use-by date. Here. Have a crocheted bunny to distract you from my erratic housekeeping. 



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  1. I really do like the sound of heart rate running… but I tend to run at however I feel on the day. I probably should split my runs into more “fast pace” and “easy pace” categories for better training, but mentally I just prefer what I’m doing. Well done on the two races!

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