I found those 2lbs!

So that’s OK. I’m sure everyone (all 4 of you) was on the edge of their seats wondering where I’d put them. Other items found recently include my Boye interchangeable knitting needles set: a far superior set to the Denise interchangeables, being as the needles are aluminium, and pretty colours, and the cables are finer. An heirloom quality (well, the pattern was) baby bonnet and booties have had a 6 month sojourn in South Africa and been returned to sender. The recipient never received notice that the parcel was sitting in the Post Office with a fee to pay, and I’d entirely given up hope of ever seeing them again. Bonnet and booties are now far too big for baby. He’ll get a toddler sized sweater instead, and I think bonnet and booties may be given to my Ninja Goddaughter’s Little Brother for his Christening.

I’ve been finishing things up recently. A cardigan. The bunny (seen below). Socks with toes in them (pictures will follow). I’ve resurrected a Colinette yarns scarf kit, which is the loveliest, floatiest thing, and which I was last knitting on in Prague, in August. I’ve started socks for a colleague, and I’m plotting mittens for a friend. I managed to finish 2/3 of a Mollie Makes Front Cover Kit – but I’ve lost the final 1/3. Doubtless it will show up when I’ve moved the stuffing out of the sitting room. The tree is down, the decorations ready to go in the loft. We have no main lights upstairs, but someone is apparently going to turn up today to help with that. Alongside our lovely plumber, Gordon, who’s going to fix the broken valve which has been causing the upstairs heating to go on and then randomly stay on… It’s quite nice cleaning one’s teeth by candlelight, but I shall be fairly glad when it’s over.

And somehow, despite no longer being Division Commissioner, I’ve racked up about 8 hours of volunteering with Guiding since Sunday. With another two hours tonight. I’ve not quite got all my loose ends tidied up. And then I took on an exciting project of a County Activity Day, which everyone got really quite excited about at last night’s meeting! So I feel very much more positive. Bring on the GuideMin.