Kind words, chocolate, gin, slightly too much coffee in the past 24 hours (really woman? Did you not engage your brain? Anxiety is exacerbated by Clomid, and by Trump, so what on earth made you have Starbucks at 5:30pm yesterday? Other than desperation to leave the house…). These have also helped distract. Onwards. 

Better was the Women’s March in London on Saturday. We went out to represent: and it was a beautifully natured march. If a little slow to set off (we were grateful for our cooked breakfast meetup). I wore Em’s neckerchief, so she was there too. And two hats, cos my pussy hat was a bit big. I intend to reknit it on smaller needles. 

Sunday was spent celebrating my Mother’s 80th birthday. We had steak and chips, and the richest chocolate cake I have ever encountered. I am to be allowed one for my 40th birthday in 2019. 

Yesterday was spent nursing a system: it kept us guessing for several hours, which was exhausting and, dare I say, emosh when it finally succeeded in its task!. Today is a little less frenetic, but the 6:46am train was nasty. I had a seat, yes, but the gentleman next to me was occupying a goodly proportion of it. I attempted to doze (see results of too much coffee last night. Although, I suppose it powered me through 2.5 hours of Guidemin and a letter to Theresa May). Sleep was elusive on the train, despite being entirely unelusive when the alarm went off. And Clomid seems to provoke really lucid dreams towards the end of the night. So I was desperately trying to stay asleep on the way to the station. This is the problem with a sub zero 15 minute walk to the station. It has the disarming effect of waking one up. 



3 thoughts on “Onwards

  1. Oof I hate trains. There’s something about them that turns people into ogres as well. It’s a shared space…so sharing needs to happen!
    Happy birthday to your mum as well 🙂 Chocolate cake sounds the perfect way to celebrate.

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