Let’s have some knitting pictures

Majorknitter always used to like a knitting photo post. Please excuse any repeats. I’m waiting for a database to restore…

In no particular order

 Socks for Nikki. She basically dared me on Facebook. 

A pink pussy hat. Protesting is a serious business. Also, I made it a tad too big. 

A slipcover for Oliver. Knitted mostly in the round because fairisle purl is not my strongest point. 

Peace de resistance mittens. I’m getting all political. Yo. 

Not knitting: the cover gift from this month’s Mollie Makes. Should have done the whole thing with 3 or 4 strands. 6 strands of thread were just too bulky for the needle. 
Sock monkeys by Cookie A. Originally destined for Emma. But coming out me sized. 

But it’s OK. These are for Emma. You can’t see it very well, but the yarn contains a strand of stellata sparkle. Which makes for rather luxe grey socks. 



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