I ran six miles!

The first two miles were hideous: uphill, into the wind, next to the main road (N needed an easy 6 for his marathon training). I whined a lot about lost fitness, not really having run for about a month. The rest of it was easier going (less wind, less hill) and thus I felt reasonably happy and, while I have undoubtedly lost speed, I still have stamina, or, possibly, stubbornness. 

Either way, I’m knackered in a good way now. And I will manage to sleep tonight. 

I might also have entered the Trionium Midsummer Munro half marathon as I’m going slightly batty with nothing to aim for. I’m then planning the Farnham Pilgrim half in September. Both are trail races: and thus I don’t feel the pressure to cane it, which fits with the whole trying to exercise less intensely thing. 

Meanwhile, because I’m heading over to Indianapolis and will be away from N at the crucial point ovulationwise this month, I am having a month of wine and unpasteuriswd cheese and general misbehaving. 


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