Ah yes… another year

My lovely friend Em would have been 40 this year. It’s been nearly 8 years since she died, and, cliché as it is, I won’t ever stop missing her. The only good thing about this birthday is that I can mark it in style for her. Somehow, I managed, in the space of 9 months, to be one of the top 100 volunteers at work, in terms of time volunteered to charitable causes. This means a rather nice cheque to be shared between two causes. Naturally, one will be Local Guiding, and the other will be a charity I choose with her Dear Other. Being able to do that reduced the howl quotient when I was away, in Indy, with work, and remembered her birthday. At least a day late. She’d have told me not to howl…

Two weeks plus away from home is far too long. Even if it involves the loveliness of visiting W & A in rural Illinois. And the loveliness of visiting TF&R in Chicago. And the loveliness of a really good yarn shop and gin distillery (close together but not the same place) and a curry house of surprising yumminess in Indinanapolis. It’s still too long. N looks neglected (to be fair, 3 weeks before a marathon he has lost so much weight training that he will look neglected anyhow). The house is a state. There is laundry everywhere for days afterward and it takes a wee while to get the body back into the same circadian rhythm as everyone else. 

On the plus side, F and I got to spend hours in the miniature rooms exhibition in the museum of modern art in Chicago, and we are now feeling very inspired about our dollshouses. I have worked out what I need to do to get the lights working and I have bought the necessary materials. F is knitting lace curtains. 

There were doggies and kitties to adore. I met many many puppies. I got to run a little, and gave myself dreadful asthma by exercising when it was a. -8degC and b. 30% humidity (not a good combination. Lesson learned). I saw my favourite colleagues. I learned new stuff. I actually met my boss!

I ate very well on the last few days. I snuggled a Newfie and a Pyrennees dog. I enjoyed sunshine. I swore never to fly United again. Nothing truly dreadful happened, but it wasn’t wonderful. 

And I took a few photos. 

There was some knitting. I finished one pair of socks, started a second, produced at least a metre of floofy scarf (I think that will go and live with A. It’s not really me and she thinks it’s so lovely and said so), but failed on a hat. I’m now working on squares for a joint blanket for a wedding present. This I freely admit I resent immensely. I have other things I want to knit more for closer friends. I had to go buy acrylic (it’s sparkly, from Poundland). 


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