It was pretty out

Which made up for the incredibly slow pace. Jetlag invariably slows me down for weeks. It’s a very nice problem to have. Ignore the barbed wire. I was by the fisheries. 

We are vaguely watching the Moto3 GP. I quite like the motorbikes whizzing round like toys on a Scalextric track. Even more, I like that some of the riders at this level are female. Competing on a completely level playing field. 

I’ve spent a happy hour and a bit getting the lights in my dollshouse functional. They all now work for the first time this century. Next I shall remove bits of skirting and mark them to be sawn (want it a bit less windy outside before I do the sawing) to make space for the fireplaces I bought after fitting the skirting. And mark up the new floor for the bedroom. I’ve upgraded to wood. From polyester stick on carpet. I was given this house for my 18th birthday. And it has been ignored for too long. 


2 thoughts on “It was pretty out

  1. What “period” is your doll house? I always wanted one growing up, and my mom talked about getting one for us girls to work on. However, it never came to be.

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