If you’re going to spray that second skin wound spray stuff on a particularly deep and nasty papercut on a wriggly finger (well. It was a cardboard box cut), acquired while making an anti-Brexit placard (or, indeed, any type of placard), I suggest removing all jewellery first.

One week later, and I’m still picking extremely sticky bits of plasticy stuff off my wedding ring. And it is nowhere near as satisfying as picking glue off my fingers in primary school. Nowhere near. It just does not want to come off. Which makes me worry what it did to my cut (other than help hold it together where plasters were not an option).

Meanwhile, I achieved 7 miles this morning. 9:30 min/mile, my heart rate was appalling (so much fitness lost) but a good tired feeling in my legs. I miss running properly. I don’t like this half-assed stuff. I may go out twice mid-week next week, and also a long run combined with parkrun on Saturday (I have to be in London for noon-ish Sunday. Or, rather, Northolt. And that’s quite the trek). I’m no closer to being pregnant than ever I was. It’s a bit wearing. But: I am eating Good Food, I am still exercising, and I am swallowing the appropriate vitamins.

I have since done 3 hours of guidemin. And eaten some particularly good chocolates which were part of my birthday present from my parents.


4 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Sounds painful! I’ve never managed to use the spray on stuff very well so I have gone back to plasters that come off each time I wash my hands.

  2. I’ve never used spray on skin before…sounds a bit crazy. But worth it for a good placard I’m sure!
    Nice to hear you’re running well again, even if you don’t feel like you’re that fit.

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