In which I was ill

And then I had a couple of days off from the internet. With the result that: I am actually on top of my to-do list (bar needing to get writing paper to write to people), I have almost gotten organised on printing photos for a photo album, I have put some wood floor down in the main bedroom of the dollshouse, and papered a wall in it (both badly, but I have done it and I am thrilled with the result. It’s not a perfect house. It’s my house. And these were jobs which were anything up to 17 years overdue. The hall lamp has not been working for far too many years. And the rewiring job needed covering up). There’s a bit of painting to do on the dollshouse, a bit of sorting out the fireplaces, and then I’m onto arranging furniture, and making new soft furnishings for it. Which is where I’ve wanted to be for some years now.

I’ve also decided to not run the Midsummer Munro (but I will be marshalling, so I can do another race in the Trionium Series later in the year without losing money. Seemed sensible, as the day was already set aside), and to do Wycombe Half instead. No way can I be fit enough for 13.1 miles of epic hill in 1 month’s time having had the better part of two weeks out with a chest infection. But, give me three more weeks, and something with mild hills, and I’ll be fine. I was just getting into longer runs when I went down ILL during Brownie Holiday last weekend, and I spent much of this weekend either driving clobber to Guide Camp or sleeping. Naturally, I am feeling perfectly fine now the long weekend is over, I am not supposed to be at Guide Camp (I did not go to Guide Camp – I was not well enough to do more than drive, and that practically knackered me irretrievably) and all I need to do is go to work. Go figure.

I have finished Color Affection (gosh, those last rows are boringly long-winded). I am about to cast on some Blu jeans for T’s baby.  A schoolfriend is having IVF twins in November – so I have chosen a pattern for them (and need to acquire some suitable yarn). N’s marathon socks are yet to be started, but I do have the socks that I left round someone’s flat during a planning meeting back in my possession.

In other words: I gave myself a break. And I feel vastly better for it.


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