A Quick Five Minutes…

Another week, another terrorist atrocity, another frown, another squaring of the shoulders and some determination to Get On With It.

I’ve been baby knitting. With Rowan Denim. Which is great stuff – but the dye does leak horribly. So I’ve been leaving little fingerprints all over the place. I must go round with the babywipes.  The magic of the HOT wash to shrink the knitting is about to happen  (well, once I’ve knitted up some pale yarn to go into the shrink and then use as top stitch embroidery – it helps to have pre-shrunk yarn for seaming, and there seemed no point in swatching when I was casting on a mahousive 47 stitches in the first place), and then I shall have a black pair of baby blu jeans.

Running: I have been for two runs. They were exhausting, and slow, but I went. I shall go for another on Thursday. The advantage of working from home.

And: I think we managed to have a bit of a breakthrough on CBT. I have now twigged that I need to re-state what I’m hoping to get from the course at the beginning of every single session. The therapist has managed to remember my name two weeks running (that was very disconcerting. Not being remembered…), and we have accepted that simply saying ‘stop worrying’ and ‘push your worries to one side’ is not helpful. Learning about the mechanism of worrying, and the hot cross bun of panic has been useful. Worry diaries and thought diaries are also useful.

Oh yes. Still not pregnant. Have succumbed to foot woo (reflexology – first appointment on 17th June. If nothing else, it will be pampering and nice to do) and bought an Ava, which does at least reduce the difficulty of peeing on a stick at 6am. I am not good at anything that early in the morning, and the number of sticks I failed to pee on correctly (yes, it is possible) was getting to me. Plus. Yanno. Technology. It is utterly fascinating to see how my resting heart rate varies.



3 thoughts on “A Quick Five Minutes…

  1. Hope you’re foot gets better! I’ve had reflexology and wasn’t entirely swayed by it. I enjoyed it as a treatment – very relaxing and thoroughly interesting but I didn’t really notice any crazy benefits. But I only had one session!

  2. I think that anything that is relaxing is going to help, even if the way it is supposed to work is a bit of nonsense- just enjoy a lovely massage.

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