I did something really bad…

I ran a charity fun run on Someone Else’s bib, and did twice the distance they’d entered for… I also ran half of it with one of my old colleagues who’d signed up with the Someone Else who dropped out on Friday, and we had a lovely time.  I had to borrow one of N’s running vests so I had something which vaguely fitted and which was charity appropriate (so I really wasn’t sure who I was…). It wasn’t timed other than on my Garmin (1 hr 6 mins – my fastest is 50ish mins), there were about 1000 people, and the medal was pretty nifty. I need to pull myself together and send over a donation – I had a really lovely time!

It was a very warm 10K  and my heart rate was ridiculously high (I am still not entirely over that chest infection – that virus is still working its way out), but all I wanted was to keep going for an hour. As it was, there were a few bits where I walked to attempt to keep my heart rate vaguely sane, but overall, I felt good, and I didn’t feel like I’d pushed too hard. I’m going to attempt 7 miles mid-week at a similar pace.


This similar pace would be a 10 min/mile. Quite a lot slower than my half marathon pb pace of 8:30 min/miles (or slightly faster). Quite a lot slower than my marathon pace of 9 min/miles. Right now: it’s not about speed. It’s about staying healthy, staying over 9 stone in weight, making sure I eat enough of the good stuff (and cake…) and keeping stress levels down.  And also feeling confident enough in myself to wear a bikini when we go on our sunny holiday in August.  I have High Hopes for this sunny holiday.



3 thoughts on “I did something really bad…

  1. Well done! Running, even in a race, doesn’t have to be about time at all. No-one can keep on getting pb’s the whole time, so it’s great to just enjoy a race and not feel awful at the end.

    • This was definitely more of a run than a race: and about being sociable rather than being speedy! Plus – the chest infection I had really isn’t fully out of my system (not according to my heart rate) and I’d rather enjoy and be slow right now. Mostly. Well. That’s what I keep telling myself!

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