So of course, I went for a run

I paid attention to some salient advice about not driving myself nuts, and went out for a very gentle 8 miles. I haven’t done an in depth analysis of my heart rate (ie haven’t uploaded to Strava), but the Garmin (the fount of all knowledge) suggests my average was 169 BPM, compared with 188 for parkrun. And that is well within my tempo range (up to 180) so that I will take. 

I feel a lot better for it. Clearer headed. Less stressed. Less overwhelmed. Very, very, very sweaty. Did child pose on the nice, cool, slate (I wouldn’t have chosen it: I have a tendency to drop stuff, and it smashes much more easily on the slate tiles. Freezing underfoot in the winter, too) kitchen floor. Having your forehead on the floor stimulates the vagus which is good for rest, digestion and lowering cortisol. This is from a quote from someone who teaches at Triyoga in Cosmopolitan magazine, so it must be true. So. Post run stretches will include child pose. I miss living 100 yards away from Triyoga. I used to do Yoga Gently on a Friday lunchtime, and loved it. 

I think I was doing that class in the run up to Berlin Marathon… when I did, briefly, achieve conception. This is worth remembering and pondering; I was terribly fit and healthy, I was outdoors in the sunshine, and I was doing sane yoga. My current yoga teacher is a bit more strenuous (quite a lot of downward dog, but no leaping in and out of poses) and a grand giggle. Two sessions ago someone started snoring during relaxation and it didn’t phase her a bit. Remind me: I must take my eye bean bag in for the next session. 

Meanwhile, N went looking for numbers on the internet. Seems that the real damage kicks in somewhere around 40+ miles a week. So my gentle 20 isn’t going to harm. 

I need to run. I don’t need to run hard. You miss the butterflies, and the dragonflies that way. And, sometimes, the path is blocked by other users of the canal. 


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  1. I am sure if the running helps clear your head it is good for you overall- you just mustn’t get into the overstressed mode of higher mileage. Fab picture of the heron!

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