You might be forgiven

for thinking there just isn’t that much knitting going on.

It is going on. But my. It’s looking boring. I seem to be in shades of grey. Miles of stocking stitch (query. Is it miles, if it’s a baby cardigan? Although, I discovered I was knitting size 12mth-18mth, not 9mth-12mth as I’d fondly thought, so it’s rather bigger than I’d initially anticipated).

There’s socks – in a sort of lilac. Ridiculously small needles, knitted during meetings (my team is based in the USA. I’m in London. It’s all done remotely, and I avoid putting the video camera on if I can help it).

There’s cutesy-pie baby jeans, which need unpinning from the foam mat blockers and sewing up this weekend.  They have been blocking for about a week and a half.

There’s been a hat, cast on in January 2016, unravelled down to the ribbing in December, and finally finished in a different pattern two weeks ago.  Could possibly stand to be blocked.

There’s an itch to cast on something new and shiny. So I used the last of my royalties from my book (it’s out of print. I can’t see a reprint happening any time soon. I think the print run was about 500, and it’s taken 7 years to sell them all. My last cheque was a whopping £32) to have a subscription to Rowan Magazine this year. I intend to Knit The F*** out of IVF.  We’re waiting on the arrival of referral letters for that – I will be phoning to chase on Monday.

There may yet be photos.