I ran 10 miles.

I collected my prescription and bought some replacement tweezers.

I did ironing.

I tidied.

I started sewing up the widdle knitted jeans (So. Cute!)

I made banana bread.

I harvested two radishes.

I ovluated (which I’d given up hope of doing, given I’m 23 days into my cycle. Twenty Three).

Today: by 7.15 am I had fallen over into an A-road, grazing my knee so badly I needed to get a dressing from the Train Station first aid kit (rather than bleed at my fellow commuters). I spent the entire commute into London in actual shock (i.e. feeling sick), bled through the dressing, bought some more dressings at a chemist, bled through one of those by lunchtime (gosh, tarmac is sharp), and failed to properly get going.

With knee rapidly stiffening, I would like to declare that I am done with today.


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