I may have made jam

I may have made a sticky mess. The jam thermometer says that it should set. But it’s anyone’s guess. We picked about 2Kg of blackberries on Monday night: far too many for crumble for two. We may have got a bit carried away by the sunshine and a hefty dose of nostalgia on my part. 

Last weekend we headed into London. N’s birthday always means a meal at MASH so he can eat half a cow, and I can wear my favourite Damsel in a Dress dress (which involved a brief crash diet of the type beloved by Jilly Cooper. Pro tip. Remember to eat enough the day before running. It’s hard to run without fuel). Mission was accomplished. Epic fail to take a photo. But the dress did up, and I could sit down in it without it splitting. Bonus: after a brief week of wearing my fattest jeans, I am back in the normal size. 

We also went running round Hampstead Heath, and saw Leon at the Prince Charles Cinema. Awesome film. 

The weekend before, we entertained our neice and nephew. Small is a cutie pie. Big is a cuddler. We haven’t seen them properly for aaaaages as they usually live in Dubai. 

That hobby horse is awesome. It makes galloping noises. 

And isn’t that dragonfly cool?

I’m now in the throes of knitting socks and baby blankets, having hundreds (or so it feels) of blood tests pre IVF and to see if my hair thinning is thyroid related (probably not: but I suspect I’m generally not getting enough iron as that cam back as “normal” despite the iron supplements). Friday I have a pelvic assessment scan (not fun) and the rest of the day off to recover (last time I had one, I just felt sick and crampy for the rest of the day) and a  dinner party. The PAS can only be done between days 2 and 6 of my cycle, and we go on holiday on Sunday. It was not my plan to have a dinner party on the same day as a scan. Posh sausage casserole for the win….

Tomorrow, I get up early to have a run. I am hoping to be a bit faster than last week. Certainly, my intervals are improving a bit. Fitness will return. Heck. My resting heart rate has dropped about 4BPM this month. Partly I suspect due to cutting out caffeine. Partly due, I hope, due to speedwork.