One week later…


Ran the Farnham Pilgrim half! 2:18:59 – about 10 minutes slower than 2 years ago (when I was training for a marathon…). My heart rate was about the same on this attempt as it was two years ago, and I wasn’t really pushing myself – I didn’t get home from a day’s morris dancing in Tenterden, Kent until just after midnight.  Got a nice medal, a really well fitting tech top (they had size Extra Small!), and just enjoyed myself. And the scenery was gorgeous.  Other than Not Enough Loos, this is the most beautifully organised and marshalled of races: and a brass band playing as you finish, and cakes and bananas at the finish line. Field of about 500, no idea where I came, but I don’t really care. Finished just before it started raining. Made it home safely despite driving on fumes.


Starts in 6-8 weeks (depends on when the next bar one period arrives). N’s SA looks excellent for IVF, I apparently have the ovaries of a younger woman (go me!). Interestingly, I think I ovulated this month. Go figure.  The next step is more blood tests, and an epic morning filling in paperwork.

I plan to bang out one more half in the next 6-8 weeks.


Lovely Fiona thinks the hair loss is stress, and has advised a morale-boosting trip to the hairdresser. I hate going to the hairdresser, so I’m not sure this will help. However, when she had stress related hairloss, the hairdresser was lovely.  Still taking the pills (probably not going to have this in the wrap-up unless something astounding happens). Haven’t quite had the GP appointment yet.


No real progress. Desperate to knit something else…


Rented. Embroiled in paperwork. ‘Nuff said.


Nearly finished ‘The Drowned and the Saved’. Not the most cheerful of bedtime reading. But, very very important: because the Holocaust was, hands down, the grimmest part of European History in sheer scale and brutality. And I don’t seem to have had nightmares as a result of reading it – which is odd. Because I feel I should have done. Nearly finished Elif Shafak’s ‘Honour’ as well.




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  1. Nice round up 🙂 well done on the half and yay for XS tshirts!! Such a win when you get one. My Nf marathon was a man’s small but I left it at my parent’s house so haven’t had a chance to try it on yet… I envision it won’t fit.

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