I’m full of roast potatoes


Achieved the first sub-27 minute parkrun in a long time. Would possibly have been sub 26:30 but my shoelace came undone. N went out for a run at the same time, but was not feeling the crowded parkrun love, so came to cheer me at the end. In his bright yellow Boston top. Wish I’d had a pictute. We went for an 8 miler this morning: 9:19 min/mile while moving (also progress!). He started with a cold. By 2 miles in, it was proto-man-flu. By the end, man-flu and please could we walk the last 3/4 mile home. He is now snuffling on the sofa under a duvet, and we are watching the New England Patriots vs New Orleans. We are supporting New Orleans, who have a fetching fleur de lys motif.


Asthma meds now changed, biotin definitely doing something as BOB the chin hair has reared his ugly follicle three times since I started it, which is twice too many in the time period. Also: how come only half a millimetre of hair pokes out, but 5mm seems to lurk under the surface, like some sort of hirsute iceberg?


Holding pattern here. Period currently running late, but we all know that means nothing. SiL announced the arrival of #3 via the family WhatsApp complete with scan photos in the middle of the working day. I retreated to the ladies’ in despair and desperate need of mascara repair. N has declared #3’s to be called Dele Osvaldo Gazza. Due March, I am considering knitting this.


Finally blocking the baby blankets for L’s twins. 

Still knitting socks. As usual, as autumn starts, desperate to knit this. A situation ongoing for Six Years FFS. I have the yarn. I spent hours locating the pattern. What is wrong with me?


Finished Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. Really did not care what happened to Eilis. Enjoying The Black Dalhila by James Ellroy much more. There was a brilliant podcast, Hollywood and Crime, which covered the murder the book’s based round.

Other stuff

My stepfather in law treated us all to an excellent lunch today (buffet carvery at a hotel with valet parking and a lot of people wearing tweed). I had two mains, and 8 roast potatoes. And gravy. Oh my, the gravy. I rather want to go back there. Joint celebration for his birthday and my stepmother out law’s birthday. We were totally outnumbered by her family, but I think C and I won the elegance and well fitted dresses stakes.


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