Sunday runday


I find it helps if you turn up to the race on the correct day. Which was, it transpires, yesterday rather than today. How I got this wrong is beyond me, but Wimbledon Park is currently devoid of race, and I’m going home to fit 9 miles along the canal in before supper. 

Yesterday, I got about 4 hours of sleep, as I was far too wound up after Guides, and could neither get to sleep nor stay asleep. So I wasn’t in anything remotely resembling a fit state to run a half and actually fell asleep on the sofa mid-afternoon…  Either way, it wasn’t meant to be. 


Period has not shown its face, and is now a week overdue. I suspect I’ve just had another chemical pregnancy, but because I don’t test like some of the mad women in the forums, I never know for sure. I seriously wonder if this is chemical #3 and if I have a lack of progesterone. Wish the wretched thing would show up. I have tested under the severe provocation of being a week late, and it was negative. Not quite sure how I feel about this. 

A friend’s IVF twins have arrived, around 8 weeks early. Two tiny girls, already in their own cot and utterly gorgeous. She looks so happy! Baby hats are in my future. 


Finally cast on Autumn Rose at about 6:30am yesterday, when I had given up all hope of getting back to sleep (some days, you just know sleep will be totally elusive. This was one of them).

Finished N’s Boston Marathon socks. Nearly finished my monkeys socks. Those will be done by the time I’m home. 


Finished Black Dahlia, started a Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes story (love those but I’m trying to ration myself otherwise I’ll run out of them). Also started The Mysteries of Udolpho but fell asleep on page 2. It was late. I was tired. 


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