Sunday’s for morris dancing 


Unsurprisingly a less than stellar week, culminating in the intention to run 8 miles yesterday. Managed 2.5 before giving in. I had forgotten how exhausting it is doing both Brownies and Guides on Friday night. Even worse with a 50 mile commute home afterwards. 


See previous post. Considering unfollowing SiL on all social media after she complained she is Not Blooming. Decided to rise above it instead. 


Doesn’t seem to be worsening. Hurrah! Still look like I’ve been through a hedge backwards a lot of the time. 


Finished N’s socks. Thought I’d finished mine, then discovered one was about an inch too long (how, even?). Ripped back. Reknitting toe. Also knitting preemie hats like a demon. Have made 2.5. They are adorable. As are the twins. But Soooooo Tiny!


Decided I was in the mood for Poirot. Started The Mystery of The Christmas Pudding. Thoroughly enjoying myself. Mary Russell also claiming my attention. 


Not sure why I am running Brownies and doing most of the admin for Friday night Guides. Had a three hour session with the girls and then another 45 minutes doing admin. Unsurprisingly was not home before 11pm. Add in inadequate food, and I’m also not surprised that Saturday’s run was a non starter. 

Spent today morris dancing to celebrate the life of Maud Karpeles, who organised the first international folk festival in 1935. Lovely historic tour route, but 7 hours of outside in London is gruelling. 

And I plan to crack out those 8 miles tomorrow? Also planning to work from home…


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  1. Hope the 8 miles went well!
    I think unfollowing people on social media is a great idea (on facebook anyway because they don’t know that you have done so, so you won’t offend anyone).

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