Just another manic Monday 

Wish it were Sunday 

That’s my runday….


Putney and Fulham half marathon. Sweet little race: only 150 entrants. Nice route, but incredibly muddy by the boat houses (N grumpy that his road shoes got mucky), and this slowed us a bit: mud on tarmac is sub-optimal. Twisty, two loops, loads of dogs being walked, we went past Fulham football ground, the old Harrods furniture repository (?depository), Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge. Apart from the fact that the loos in the sports centre really weren’t able to cope and blocked almost instantly, it was really well organised, pleasantly un-clubby (well, there were some super fast people, but there was also a chap wearing  a Chuckle Brothers t-shirt, and another aiming for a World Record fastest half marathon carrying a 60lb pack, which he smashed by 9.5 minutes) and I’d do it again.

 1:59:36, I’m really not at my best running (hardly surprising given how little I’ve done this year), but not too shabby. I have Marlow half next on the pre-IVF hitlist. Next weekend I’m away with friends, and the cottage we’ve rented has no beds and, more importantly, no showers. So no running. There is a limit to what I can achieve with a flannel and a jug. 


Preemie hats packed off to send. I am hoping for cutesy-pie photos. Yeah. Forgot to take pictures before packing them up. Managed to photo 3 pairs of socks for ravelry. 

Started socks for A, but they aren’t right for her. I think they will go to live with L or G. Yarn and pattern match beautifully (Socks that Rock Firecracker, Spring Foward socks from Knitty), but the colour is wrong. I have found a better yarn for A (Miss Babs, in the Franklin colour way) And potentially a different pattern (a Socks that Rock sock club pattern by Nancy Bush, think it’s called Checkerboard). 

Oddly, this is the third pair of socks this year where I have failed to get the combination of person/pattern/yarn right first time. The only times I have got it right have been socks for N. I made socks for E, which ended up for me (the turquoise pair above): E ended up with yarn that was destined for me. I made socks for me that have ended up for other L, and went through two different patterns before I was happy. And socks for A now just not quite doing it for her. I had to get a second opinion from F. 

The sock has grown significantly today. Been in a hands-off training day at Microsoft. The ladies were super and found me a gf meal at very short notice.


Nearly finished the Mary Russell novel. Got properly into ‘Mysteries of Udolpho’ rather than falling asleep over it. Started a Bloom County re-read last night because I was too tired to concentrate and too wired to sleep. I have not had a full night’s sleep since this cycle began, and I cannot help but think it is some sort of coincidence. I just feel drained. 


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