Weekend off

Currently we are down one van, and up one N with a cut noggin and a strained shoulder. It could have been a lot worse: never want to receive a phone call satung “I’ve been in an accident and I think I’ve fractured my skull” again. He hadn’t. But it’s a tad hard to tell. This after an excellent start to the week where 2.09 found some extra places for Tokyo and offered him one, and Girlguiding offered him a cahrity place for London. 

Last weekend I went to Badminton with friends (note. Check washing facilities when hiring a Girlguiding house. The lodge was lovely but had no shower, which rather precluded Chipping Sodbury parkrun…). So. No running. No blog. Nice break and I highly recommend Westonbirt Arboretum. 


Managed both parkrun and a half marathon this weekend. Sort of. Parkrun was lovely, and my fastest time since I started trying to gain weight and exercise less intensely in December. 26:47, with negative splits. Was 166th/474: there was a degree of getting past people involved. I wonder if Rushmoor would be less crowded? Would have to cycle there. 

This morning’s half was too short by a good 1/4 mile… checking the route, there was a deviation from all previous years (come to think if it, the chap I thought was nipping off for a pee was probably trying to follow the intended route, rather than the actual, marked route). This is a tad disappointing as it was my last half before round #1 of IVF. Not a stellar performance. I was anticipating more hill, and there was a wicked headwind for the first half, which was really rather tiring! Nice run and route, would run again. 


Waiting for my period. It ought to be on time as I was away for pretty much the whole fertile period. 


Mysteries of Udolpho limps on. Read all of Bloom County. 


Sock recipient identified. Gauge issues  with Autumn Rose mean I have one sleeve which is quite simply too small. A reknit has resulted in something much more pleasant and less squashed looking. 


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  1. That’s scary about the accident- there’s not easy way to say that down the phone I suppose.
    Nice work on the parkrun too- very speedy. Always worth visiting a few others though 🙂

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