So now we wait

All being good, Thing1 and Thing2 are now a healthy 32 cells, cocooned in their incubator and we find out on Saturday if they’re blastocysts and going to be implanted. 

Meanwhile, I am taking the progesterone, and turning into Dolly Parton. I think I need a bigger bra. I also think a bigger bra would be tempting fate. Jinxing everything. 

I am stuck on Autumn Rose until my new knitting needles arrive from from Deramores, so I am making Christmas Pudding Hats for L’s twins.  The cute will be unbearable. I went a bit mad and bought the beginnings of a Knit Picks Karbonz interchangeable set (random 30% off sales will do that to a girl). I now have 4 sets of interchamgeable needles. Should anyone like a set of Denise needles or some brightly coloured metal ones, free gratis, sing out. There is a limit and I think I have hit it. The older sets have served me well, but the new Karbonz are now my preferred brand. I have knit those hats before: the leaves are just as fiddly as I remember. However, I have done one already. 3 to go. Or 5 if I make a hat for T’s baby. 

I still have the attention span of a gnat. And my midriff feels like it has been foam rollered today. So no running for a bit. It could be much, much worse and I am pretty lucky, all things considered. 



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