Quivering in antici….


So. Another Monday, another scan (ovary smaller, but other liquid floating about). Two days of mild indigestion (not helped by being really slow off the mark about realising I’m actually constipated by my standards….). Yesterday I went for another scan, and got to Go Outside and Walk in the Car Park. This did immense things for my mental wellbeing, and I think helped relieved the constipation a bit this morning.  Honestly. I feel so much more comfortable now (is this TMI?).

There is, after all, a limit to how long one can stay on the sofa watching Last of the Summer Wine and Doctor Who. I’m on Season 4 of Doctor Who now. Catherine Tate and David Tennant. Best Doctor and Companion ever: finally, we stop having a companion who’s mooning about being in love with The Doctor. I love Catherine Tate. I met her while she was in Much Ado About Nothing. She’s just so kind, and friendly, and down to earth and funny and normal. Bloody Love Catherine Tate.

There’s been knitting. There’s going to be some cross stitch. I have started my tax return. I have written all my Christmas Cards, bought and wrapped most of the presents (other than N’s stocking, which I think is going to have a Running theme this year).  I have worn my onesie over my PJs. I have rested as much as I am capable of, mindful that the RCOG says, with OHSS, to move about so that you don’t get a DVT. Today I intend to walk to the letterbox (200 yards).

I have learned the hard way that, while I am on progesterone, I eat Little and Often. Because a full roast dinner with a sluggish digestion is really uncomfortable and results in a night of really not sleeping (Hello 3am! And 4am! And 5am! And 6am! But not 7am! And then it was time to get up).  And this doesn’t help N if he’s got an Early Morning Run for Tokyo Training.

All the slowness in resolving the OHSS is apparently a Good Sign. I am cautiously optimistic, not entirely sure how I’m going to get through to tomorrow morning, terrified of actually testing, and totally on tenterhooks.

I’m going to have my lunch very early. Actually, it’s the remnants of last night’s supper which I didn’t finish because I was too full owing to aforementioned backing up of the digestive system.

Cross everything.