Calf pain…

So. If I’m not moving, if I’m coagulating more enthusiastically owing to hormones and OHSS… yes of course the next loop on the rollercoaster is calf pain (because how, how can I have managed to pull my calf walking round the house in a onesie? I have no idea – nothing went ping. Nothing was suddenly painful. I just realised…it hurt). There followed boring evening in A&E where no one could quite decide, based on blood tests, if I have a clot or not. Everything is a bit borderline. I was hoping for something more specific along the lines of “it’s probably nothing”. Not so.

Got sent away with blood thinners (more needles) and an appointment for a scan on Tuesday. I think we are all being a little overly cautious here, but it is not worth the risk. Blood thinners and scans are simple and relatively cheap. N says this whole thing is exhausting. I am inclined to agree. I also reckon my blood actually looked sticky when they took it out of me yesterday. Who can say?

In order to recover from all this excitement, I have hung my medals up. N put the hooks up last week. I am hoping to need more hooks one day.

I got the hanger at the Boston Marathon Expo. 3 marathons, 33 half marathons, no idea how many 10kms, and a few 5kms. Plus cakeathon and chocathons.

I am also knitting up a storm. And napping. I seem to have developed a tendency to need a nap mid morning or mid afternoon. Friday was particularly frightful. I did both…



4 thoughts on “Calf pain…

    • I hope the calf gets better. I am so fed up with this enforced inactivity – it leaves my brain with far too much to imagine! Still can’t work out how I could have strained a calf – which is why I’m not sure whether it’s a calf strain, or a clot. I felt less stupid after a couple of hours in A&E, because they couldn’t decide either.

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