This is why you always get things checked

It may have felt a bit like a strain (which worsened on movement, particularly when walking for more than a few minutes). There may have been a small bit of pins and needles, which mostly felt like a stiff plantar in my right foot. There was no swelling. No discolouration. No heat.

But, there was (is) a clot.

Two days after thinking ‘how the hell did I strain my calf when I was walking round the house?’ I had an ultrasound on my leg (weird. Particularly hearing my femoral pulse going. Which sounded like the indigestion I’ve been experiencing). She was really thorough, and gentle, and found a clot. Just one. Not very big. But a clot.  My blood test results on Saturday night were borderline for pregnancy/a clot when it comes to coagulation. So, they sent me off with heparin, and an appointment for further tests.

Consider this. Many DVTs are asymptomatic. Until they turn into a pulmonary embolism and kill you. I got treatment within 10 hours of noticing an issue. I got a referral to a DVT clinic within 48 hours.

I cannot believe how lucky I am. This is easily managed. OK, it means daily injections (hopefully for the next 9 months, assuming Thing1 is still sticking in there – I won’t believe it is until we’ve had a successful viability scan next week. Seems like a long wait). It means lots of bruises as each injection leaves a bruise about 1cm across, as well as stinging like stink. It means a sharps bin. It means more appointments. BUT it is straightforward. It is easy.

It seems that I rested a tad too effectively with the OHSS (but when you’re told ‘don’t move except to go to the loo or to get a drink’, you do as you are told – the clinic will be reviewing this). I maybe should have worn support stockings anyhow. The chances of this happening were really, really small. But it happened.

I will be upping my activity when walking doesn’t hurt quite so much. And because I’m an optimist (and extremely childish), I have booked a spot in Basingstoke Half 2018 (7th October). The tech top is by Bonk Athletic. *sniggers*



3 thoughts on “This is why you always get things checked

  1. How scary! I really felt like when I was in hospital the horrible stockings were just an annoyance (or worse because they left me with such cold feet too), but it shows how easily something like that can happen. Fingers still crossed for everything else x

    • I feel extremely lucky. Not scared. Bit annoyed – because it’s possible I could have avoided this (risk factors of OHSS, not moving, extra hormones – should I have moved more? Should I have pressed for anticoagulants? I did ask about support stockings. I was doing anything between 1500 and 5000 steps a day according to the fitbit while I was ‘taking it easy’)….

      I still have a bit of annoyance to get out of my system, evidently!

  2. Oh wow super scary, but glad you caught it! Compression socks can help? I always wear mine on planes.
    I’ve never done the Basingstoke (Amazingstoke) half but I’ve heard it’s good, though hilly.

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