Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy #7

Your eyebrows start to race to meet the hair at your temples.

Honestly. I’ve never plucked above the eyebrow before, except in a slightly misguided moment in my teens (but we’ve all done that, right? Please tell me it wasn’t just me).

I intend to find somewhere that does threading.

Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy #6

The most innocuous substances are somehow verboten. Paracetamol: fine. Canestan: only the weak version. Vicks: fine. Arnica: probably OK as a homeopathic pill but god forbid you apply the cream.

Anything which hasn’t had a double blind study of some type is dubious and therefore forbidden. Then there are various crunchy granola types who cast doubt on everything normal but chemical.

Googling to find all this out is time consuming. However, generally speaking, someone has asked the same question on a forum somewhere and there’s always someone reassuring about it.


Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy #4

Insomnia and the ability to nap the afternoon away is a perfectly valid combination.

If a little frustrating. I’ve worked out that my optimum activity level is something around 7500-9000 steps a day: enough to earn a free hot drink at Starbucks (hello peppermint hot chocolate!) on the health insurance each week. More than 9000 steps and I’ll be tired the next day. More than my “usual” 10,500 and I need a nap right now.

Ability to sleep on the train: enormous. Ability to sleep in bed? Not so much… weird.