In an effort to relax

My dear friend W gave me a pep talk, reminded me I have heat, hot water, and an indoor loo (he was born in a dirt shack, his Dad used a pamphlet from Sears for guidance, and almost dropped him), and that I am to stop googling and eat more prunes. Am heading to the health food store at lunchtime. He pointed out the bun is in the oven, and will cook better if I don’t fret myself to smithereens. I think he has a point.

There are so many lovely Christmas trees.

And I have glorious yarn on my desk (a present. It’s silk. I have plans. It will be lace, and the next thing I knit for me. At the moment… I pet it).

The commute was very pretty, and had a bonus extra long nap (train was 20 minutes late into Waterloo). I saw the Chiropractor, who has managed to ease off both shoulder and foot, which should mean no more middle of the night spasms. No acupuncture, not with anticoagulants, but pregnancy means I am more receptive to simple massage (a rare event). Booked in for a month’s time, as I felt rather better for the extremely gentle adjustments.

There’s also fresh pineapple at work. Yum. And I am going to have gluten free mac and cheese for my lunch, and something yum from Leon for supper (packed lunch went by the wayside. By the time I got home last night, all I was good for was to eat supper really slowly, get two questions correct on University Challenge, and knit. Oh. And cry at the Pampers midwife advert).


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