Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy #10

You can eat sushi. As long as the fish has been frozen at some point in its journey from sea to rice, it’s fine. Since this is generally the case with places such as Itsu and Wasabi… well hello one of my two portions of oily fish this week!

Trying to work out where timned tuna counts in my quest for non-supplemental DHA (forbidden owing to blood thinners), however, is confusing me no end. Is it oily fish? Isn’t it? Opinion is divided. And how big is one portion anyhow?


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    • Yup. It’s all on the NHS website – but I guess if she’s doubtful, then best to avoid. It’s to do with avoiding food poisoning. And given that half the outbreaks of e.g. listeria seem to involve e.g. salad….and we don’t get told to avoid that.

      I am also guilty of two port truffles and one champagne truffle and some brandy cream (I didn’t enjoy the last – it was too brandy-ish. But the truffles were quite nice spread over three different days).

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  1. My fish eating knowledge is too out of date to know whether tuna is considered an oily fish or not – but having had a look at the NHS website, yowsers! What’s more interesting I think, is that different countries give different information – so there’s clearly no consensus on it all.

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