I used to run

I am going to run again. I have emailed my super running coach from Monday night running club speed sessions to ask for a really gentle plan to get me back to parkrun. She’s just had a baby herself, and ran throughout her pregnancy to week 31, so she gets it. Both the coaches I had last year have had babies in the past 12 months. And both ran. Kinda reassuring!

I nearly went out this morning before work. Had I been starting at 9am, I think I would have. Just for a pootle round the block (about 1/3 mile). Slowly. Not worrying about speed. If I could find appropriate underpinnings…

I miss running. My GP is more worried about my running from an asthma perspective right now (we changed my medication as the really effective stuff is, of course, contra indicated). She is of the opinion there is little, physical, I can do which will damage Thing1. My hyperstimulated ovaries? Well. A gentle trot is unlikely to result in a torsion. And I seem to be stuck with them for the duration.

I am also trying to distract myself from the 12 week scan next week. I can’t help but worry that Thing1 isn’t thriving. On the other hand, the ravenous hunger in the past 24 hours suggests a growth spurt…


5 thoughts on “I used to run

  1. Hope the scan goes well 🙂
    There is lots of stuff about now about people running through pregnancy- if you ran already your body should be used to it. There’s a good marathon talk podcast where Liz Yelling hosted and Jo Pavey was on there (232)- they talked a bit about it so might be worth a listen?

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