I have just put on a bra which is a 34D, and it is vaguely comfortable (yesterday’s 34C was suddenly too small and everything was squished in. The pain on removal was Not Fun. Usually removing a bra is a blessed relief, right?).

I never really understood why some women have breast augmentation. I understand even less now. This is not comfortable. I was a 30C/32B (depended on brand…there is such variation in these things that one has to be measured). I am beginning to wonder if I will ever wear my pre-pregnancy bras again. So many lovely pretty things – because I didn’t really change size throughout my adult life, so I amassed quite the collection, including some choice items from Rigby and Peller.

I have three bras which fit now. Last week, I had five (thank you TK Maxx and Ebay). I am beginning to have enough stock to open a secondhand bra emporium.

On the plus side, I have finished a scarf and a baby surprise jacket (need to photo the latter), and N helped me wind some rather glorious pure silk yarn for a scarf. I also have a rather lush cardigan kit from Unravel. It has a cunning design which will accommodate a bump (I have one of those too) and I am girding myself to knit a medium rather than a small….

My bust is 5 inches larger than it was at the beginning of this adventure. I have never known my body shape change quite so quickly and, my goodness, it is throughly disconcerting. And not the most comfortable of experiences. It is all to the good, but I don’t have to enjoy buying bras, right?