It’s definitely a bump

Boom! Thing1 has bust forwards this week. It’s quite exciting!

Had a lovely time last night having a live link up with our Guides and some Girl Scouts in California. I have always wanted to do Thinking Day on the Air, and now I’ve managed it. Next week is pretty much my last week at Brownies in London. The travelling is all getting too much and I have other priorities. I’ve got a unit lined up nearer home, which sounds a bit more old fashioned but also doesn’t involve doing the admin. We’ll see how it pans out.

Right now I’m on the bike in the gym. It’s such a lovely day for a run, but I’ve left that to N who completed Tokyo marathon in 3:40:03. Next stop… London. He’s running for Girlguiding. Is it cheeky to ask for some sponsorship, please?


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