Pass the milk

No. Really. Milk please. Now.

(says she who’s just had a large glass of milk and two mini Babybel).

Thing1 has a thing for milk. Thing1 LURVES the milk. To the point that between Friday night (when the food delivery arrived) and Monday evening, I consumed six pints of the stuff. I’ve had about three more since then. I feel that this is slightly obscene. I have gone from trying to eat a vegan-ish diet to wanting all the milk and most of the meat as well.

I shall be waving my calcium tablets at the midwife this afternoon, as, really, this is faintly ridiculous, since I’ve also had two macaroni cheeses, 10 mini Babybel and two large milkshakes since Friday night. Along with various milky decaf coffees. Given the option, I would have had macaroni cheese for lunch today. Apart from the fact that I had it for supper last night, and there was leftover frittata to finish off.

In other news, I appear to be attempting to nest (or, at least, trying to tidy out my study), and knit all the things (photos will follow). I managed to wind three skeins of yarn yesterday. Two for a gorgeously soft alpaca cardigan. One for the Ysolda Yarn Club shawl (yes. I signed up for a yarn club after several years of hiatus from the Blue Moon Rockin’ Socks Club. Which, incidentally, is a great yarn club. I LOVED it when I was a member. But it took me too long to knit everything up). Both items are grey. To match the sky out there.


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