I suppose it was inevitable

Two weekends running away, three days in London this week: and all my plans for the weekend have turned into lying on the sofa watching Teen Mom, Mama June and (now I’ve finally rehydrated and gotten into a sitting position, The Assassination of Gianni Versace. So many episodes of things to catch up with.

Meanwhile, N has finally started to empty out the stuff that has been sitting in the spare-spare room (henceforth known as Thing1’s room) for the last two and a bit years. This is long overdue. He has found his Nan’s elephant and we now have it on display. I like having small, special things like that out. It gives continuity. I also like pictures and embroderies (must actually put some of those up properly). I had such plans: gardening. Organising. Printing. There is time enough tomorrow and next weekend. Today, though, we need to recharge. Thing1 sulked all morning but seems happier and more active for my hydrating and resting. Heck. I feel a bit happier. I don’t feel like I’m being lazy. I feel like I needed this.Happy me makes for a happy Thing1. Xxxx