Things I am looking forward to in the not too distant future

  • Going more than 24 hours without some sort of nosebleed. The worse are the ones that appear without warning at 3am. They’re inexplicable. It’s not as if I’m moving!
  • Not worrying about how much Thing1 is moving inside me (it gets very sulky if I’m dehydrated. It’s now 4am and I’ve drunk about 3 pints. Thing1 is moving happily. I am awake….and much happier for the moving than I was at 2:30am when I was incredibly thirsty and Thing1 was not moving). Yes. I will worry about Other Things.
  • Cuddles and smiles and yells and smells
  • Not needing to worry about bloodthinner injections, nor remembering to pack the darn things, nor the sting or the mess
  • Maybe managing to eat a meal without throwing it down myself
  • Seeing my feet without taking special measures
  • Having a few days not working where my timetable is my own (the insomnia has been impressive. So have some of the naps).
  • Meeting Thing1 and finding out if they’re really a Drag Queen Superhero as I suspect (I have promised tap shoes if there’s no further movement panics….)


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