She’s here

She’s been here for a week, after being induced owing to a lack of movement. There was a bit of a pattern of this throughout my pregnancy. But this time, she didn’t perk up the next day….usually she would. So in we went at 4:30am on a Wednesday morning, totally unprepared for me to be admitted or in hospital for almost a week. Hospital was a bit of a nightmare, particularly at night.

She’s 6lbs 2oz of miraculous joy and luck, arriving Friday 13th at 6:41am after 12 hours of labour (some of which was back labour) and two epidurals.

Henceforth to be known as LK, or Little Knotter, as she had tied a true knot in her umbilical cord. This is rare, only 1 in 2000 babies do it. But then again, we know all about rare occurrences round here…. we seem to specialise in them!

And she is so, so, beautiful.



Things to do instead of melting on maternity leave

Aka: it’s been years since I’ve done a Saturday list

  • Retrieve laundry from line
  • Wash overnight nappies Have nappy wash. Need to read instructions on temperature for washing.
  • Track down playpen on eBay May have found a Graco Pack N Play, beloved of the Americans.
  • Do letters for flag
  • Locate lost knitted bootie or knit another It was under the notebook with the “birth plan” in it.
  • Buy sausages from sausage stall Postponed until August. We have no space in the freezer.
  • Book dentist and general health assessment (possible the latter to happen post-baby) Both need phoning during office hours. Apparently I can’t have an online appointment until November when the 6 mth dental appointment is due. But I have enthusiastically bleeding gums.
  • Go swimming every other day Started well. Both of us cooled down and felt more energetic.
  • Spin in tour de fleece Well, I found the fluff….
  • Finish Safe Space online training
  • Guidemin (new volunteers especially)
  • Wrap paternal birthday present and get card Also got cards for N’s birthday. Waiting on arrival of paternal present.
  • Sainsbury shop forgot the sultanas. But wow! Aircon!
  • Finish grey cardigan
  • Watch Tour de France and spin in Tour de Fleece
  • Get present for nephew (no point in knitting. Infant lives in Dubai most of the time)
  • Block random baby knits
  • Pack up and mail baby hat for S
  • Track down last set of nappies on eBay. Buy nappy buckets and dirty bags and disposable liners in one go Decided to ask nappy lady for non-bamboo day nappies recommendation. Pausing.
  • Read lots
  • Nap occasionally (had a lovely one from 9:45 to 10:15 today. But had been woken at 6am by N’s alarm set to go cycling) Another two naps today. It’s the heat.
  • Make fruit bags and baby knickers In with a chance now the sewing machine is downstairs. Poor N brought down the wrong one on the first try.
  • Put solar photo thingy up (tape to window).
  • Hide in cafes and cinema (with knitting)
  • Enquire, regularly, of Thing1 as to what the heck it’s trying to achieve by walloping both ribs and pelvis simultaneously because both are bone and there are other locations to wallop which allow for more stretching Thing1 really not listening and evidently getting frustrated by the lack of space. There is not much I can do about this.
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. This is a huge challenge.
  • Perineal massage.
  • Pedicure
  • Ignore people who are trying to be “helpful”
  • But adore those who are actually helpful.