She’s here

She’s been here for a week, after being induced owing to a lack of movement. There was a bit of a pattern of this throughout my pregnancy. But this time, she didn’t perk up the next day….usually she would. So in we went at 4:30am on a Wednesday morning, totally unprepared for me to be admitted or in hospital for almost a week. Hospital was a bit of a nightmare, particularly at night.

She’s 6lbs 2oz of miraculous joy and luck, arriving Friday 13th at 6:41am after 12 hours of labour (some of which was back labour) and two epidurals.

Henceforth to be known as LK, or Little Knotter, as she had tied a true knot in her umbilical cord. This is rare, only 1 in 2000 babies do it. But then again, we know all about rare occurrences round here…. we seem to specialise in them!

And she is so, so, beautiful.


9 thoughts on “She’s here

  1. So exciting! How wonderful that moment must have been when you first met her. May she bring you both many years of fun, love, laughter and occasional mischief. Congratulations. Xx

  2. Not sure if my comment just posted, but YAY! Huge congratulations! Hope all is going well and that you’re enjoying spending lots of time with your brand new family member. 🙂 x

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