In which I embrace my inner East German Nudist

For surely, Birkenstocks are all one needs to wear in this weather? Means LK gets lots of skin contact, and I am less sweaty after wrestling her into a nappy (she wriggles!). It is not, however, an edifying sight and people will insist on visiting so I have to dress. I have not yet embraced the full European experience and my armpits remain groomed. One must have some standards.

LK is a very advanced baby. She followed Moonitorn the Unicorn with her eyes today, and her head control is getting more stable. She also sucks on her hands at moments of needing food. She knows where her towel is, but is not keen on baths, possibly because I am nervy. Both attempts have involved a dirty protest…

I am dithering over a dummy. Some of her feeds have been epic, and I am sure that it’s comfort she wants. Alas, my nipples are protesting.

Three more weeks of anti-coagulants. Assuming that the potential DVT I thought had occurred a week ago is definitely a figleaf of my overactive imagination.



One thought on “In which I embrace my inner East German Nudist

  1. Stop dithering and give her the dummy or, as we say in the US, a pacifier. If she likes it then you are both happier. If she rejects it then you can stop worrying about it. I had one baby that totally rejected it and one that loved, loved,loved it. They both grew up just fine. And remember, you’re a great mom no matter what you do.

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