Well, I think I might just be there…

I have parkrun in my sights this weekend. I can cover the distance. I can cover the distance at a gentle jog. I’m still working on my pelvic floor. Jogging for half an hour seems OK. Three minutes of attempting to twist to Chubby Checker was rather more challenging. I may have made it harder by cuddling a 12lb baby at the time…

LK is getting good at holding up her head, sitting forward, trying to move (we still have a few weeks of grace yet). She likes boob, is picky about the bottle, has just gotten over a cold, is grasping toys and smiling like a loon. We danced for about 20 minutes then she fell asleep while one of her Daddy’s songs was playing. Yes. My baby sleeps to Heavy Metal.

She’s currently asleep on my tummy. She’s 3 and a bit months old, I’m over half way through my initial maternity leave…and so torn about working for a month in January.

I probably ought to put her in the Moses basket and Get On. But she is so peaceful and beautiful, and I don’t get to do this forever.

Ah. She’s stirring.



C25K W6 R3

Crushed it. 25 minutes running without stopping. Still slow. Still muttering “core, floor, core, floor!” At various points. Hitting marathon pace briefly, and half marathon pace even more briefly.

But, and this is crucial, I am beginning to feel like a runner again.