Step One

New strap on the Garmin achieved. Also knocked over a minute off this year’s parkrun PB (and four minutes off last week’s Slowest parkrun Evah). And found the HRM strap. And paired it and shocked myself with my heart rate. Also discovered that the battery charges rather better in a plug than from the laptop. So that postpones the new battery for a while. Total cost: £17.99 including getting the nice man at Timpson’s to replace the strap. I love Timpson’s. They deliberately employ ex-cons to give them jobs where others wouldn’t, and the CEO has fostered hundreds of children with his wife. We don’t have an independent shoemender in our area anyhow, but I love the ethos of this chain and will happily use it. They’re also my preferred place for printing photos of LK.

Step 2, buy new fitbit (the old one totally died last week) also achieved. Somehow I have found an Alta HR for £50 in a pre-Black Friday sale. Given I doubt I’ll find anything cheaper and the cheapest non-HR model I found was the same price…. it is now coming to live with me. And has a swanky indigo leather strap! Both my plastic straps for my Alta had died, so I was down to the metal strap which kept catching on towels.

I suspect Step 3 is “survive Hogback Road Run” in two weeks’ time. It’s a shade over 6 miles. The best I’ve managed so far is 4.5. I’m aiming to get up to 5 miles this week, and maybe 5.5 miles the week after. It’ll be fine. It’s not about racing. It’s about finishing 2018 with a medal and having a bacon butty. And leaving LK for 4 hours or so with Daddy and praying she’ll have some bottle rather than boob (a bit hit and miss of an evening but she won’t starve. She will be angry with me…and that won’t be the last time).

Oooh! I finally managed to photograph the lace scarf I knitted while pregnant:




We have survived our first family stomach bug: hurling and hearing LK hurl violently while I am mid hurl is not an experience I want to repeat. Directing clean up operations while shaking on the bathroom floor ditto. We still have slightly delicate digestions and should not be eating in polite society for a while yet: the gurgles are something to behold.

I’ve also managed to get my HRM to pair with my Garmin Forerunner 15. A new strap, and I think it’ll be working well enough, and long enough, to see me through to that sub-4 marathon in 2020. The battery may peg it sooner than I want, though (or I’ll be running the marathon sans HRM as it only just held out for the last marathon I did, and battery life does seem to decline over time…it started off holding an 8 hour charge with GPS). This means that I’m only looking for a new fitbit on Black Friday. My current one got dropped on the tiled bathroom floor and now only holds charge for 50ish hours instead of 5 days. This is annoying simply because the battery level indicator declares there’s still 3/4 charge left just before it dies. I wouldn’t mind if the indication were a tad more accurate and thus I got warning. It’s a bit like my dropped iPod only turning the volume down to a certain level. The thing is, I do rather like knowing how badly I’ve slept (recently, it’s been pretty good: LK is mostly sleeping from 11pm to about 5:30am. If I manage the same, all is good…)

At which point, I wandered off to do some idle googling, wondering how long the GPS is supposed to last on the Garmin, and found instructions for replacing the Garnin battery. This, I reckon, is worth the £15 punt for a new battery…it looks a little fiddly but not impossible. If I can have a quiet half hour I reckon I can suss it. And, I am so due a quiet half hour or 10 over the weekend as N has been out to football/at the studio/out with the NCT Dads/brewing and bottling beer on various weekends and evenings so is due some extra bouncing LK time.


It’s no fun puking when your baby is puking

Bless her, about a minute after I started, LK joined in empathy. Having probably given me the bug the day before when she did some pretty epic puking.

I have puked more between 11pm and 1am than in the previous 7 years combined…better out than in, really. Of the Mums and Babies group that met Thursday, 3 families out of 5 have been ill. Perturbingly, we were in the room used for staff lunch and baby weighing on Fridays: and I gather the local hospital was full of puking babies in kiddy ambulatory care this weekend! Poor N is huddled on the sofa: he was just well enough to clean up LK while I was being ill, but has now succumbed himself.

LK, having spent the past two days not keen on food (who would be?) is now apparently making up for lost time. She’s s bit subdued which is hardly surprising. We have both slept from 2am to 8am, and I feel reasonably human, if whacked, and my feet are no longer freezing cold (they were like ice blocks last night and I was too miserable to push the hwb down to them). Part of me thinks this may kick the last 3lbs of baby weight into touch. Vanity, vanity.