It’s no fun puking when your baby is puking

Bless her, about a minute after I started, LK joined in empathy. Having probably given me the bug the day before when she did some pretty epic puking.

I have puked more between 11pm and 1am than in the previous 7 years combined…better out than in, really. Of the Mums and Babies group that met Thursday, 3 families out of 5 have been ill. Perturbingly, we were in the room used for staff lunch and baby weighing on Fridays: and I gather the local hospital was full of puking babies in kiddy ambulatory care this weekend! Poor N is huddled on the sofa: he was just well enough to clean up LK while I was being ill, but has now succumbed himself.

LK, having spent the past two days not keen on food (who would be?) is now apparently making up for lost time. She’s s bit subdued which is hardly surprising. We have both slept from 2am to 8am, and I feel reasonably human, if whacked, and my feet are no longer freezing cold (they were like ice blocks last night and I was too miserable to push the hwb down to them). Part of me thinks this may kick the last 3lbs of baby weight into touch. Vanity, vanity.