We have survived our first family stomach bug: hurling and hearing LK hurl violently while I am mid hurl is not an experience I want to repeat. Directing clean up operations while shaking on the bathroom floor ditto. We still have slightly delicate digestions and should not be eating in polite society for a while yet: the gurgles are something to behold.

I’ve also managed to get my HRM to pair with my Garmin Forerunner 15. A new strap, and I think it’ll be working well enough, and long enough, to see me through to that sub-4 marathon in 2020. The battery may peg it sooner than I want, though (or I’ll be running the marathon sans HRM as it only just held out for the last marathon I did, and battery life does seem to decline over time…it started off holding an 8 hour charge with GPS). This means that I’m only looking for a new fitbit on Black Friday. My current one got dropped on the tiled bathroom floor and now only holds charge for 50ish hours instead of 5 days. This is annoying simply because the battery level indicator declares there’s still 3/4 charge left just before it dies. I wouldn’t mind if the indication were a tad more accurate and thus I got warning. It’s a bit like my dropped iPod only turning the volume down to a certain level. The thing is, I do rather like knowing how badly I’ve slept (recently, it’s been pretty good: LK is mostly sleeping from 11pm to about 5:30am. If I manage the same, all is good…)

At which point, I wandered off to do some idle googling, wondering how long the GPS is supposed to last on the Garmin, and found instructions for replacing the Garnin battery. This, I reckon, is worth the £15 punt for a new battery…it looks a little fiddly but not impossible. If I can have a quiet half hour I reckon I can suss it. And, I am so due a quiet half hour or 10 over the weekend as N has been out to football/at the studio/out with the NCT Dads/brewing and bottling beer on various weekends and evenings so is due some extra bouncing LK time.