Step One

New strap on the Garmin achieved. Also knocked over a minute off this year’s parkrun PB (and four minutes off last week’s Slowest parkrun Evah). And found the HRM strap. And paired it and shocked myself with my heart rate. Also discovered that the battery charges rather better in a plug than from the laptop. So that postpones the new battery for a while. Total cost: £17.99 including getting the nice man at Timpson’s to replace the strap. I love Timpson’s. They deliberately employ ex-cons to give them jobs where others wouldn’t, and the CEO has fostered hundreds of children with his wife. We don’t have an independent shoemender in our area anyhow, but I love the ethos of this chain and will happily use it. They’re also my preferred place for printing photos of LK.

Step 2, buy new fitbit (the old one totally died last week) also achieved. Somehow I have found an Alta HR for £50 in a pre-Black Friday sale. Given I doubt I’ll find anything cheaper and the cheapest non-HR model I found was the same price…. it is now coming to live with me. And has a swanky indigo leather strap! Both my plastic straps for my Alta had died, so I was down to the metal strap which kept catching on towels.

I suspect Step 3 is “survive Hogback Road Run” in two weeks’ time. It’s a shade over 6 miles. The best I’ve managed so far is 4.5. I’m aiming to get up to 5 miles this week, and maybe 5.5 miles the week after. It’ll be fine. It’s not about racing. It’s about finishing 2018 with a medal and having a bacon butty. And leaving LK for 4 hours or so with Daddy and praying she’ll have some bottle rather than boob (a bit hit and miss of an evening but she won’t starve. She will be angry with me…and that won’t be the last time).

Oooh! I finally managed to photograph the lace scarf I knitted while pregnant:


4 thoughts on “Step One

  1. Love the scarf! Also, I am planning to buy a Fitbit Alta HR on Black Friday (or a bit before) using my associate discount.

  2. That’s so interesting about Timpson’s- I didn’t know any of that about them. Last year I had my boots re-soled by an independent shop in town but the man was fairly grumpy (almost rude) with me, and didn’t do a very good job (they new soles leaked water) so I took them to Timpson’s this year instead- a much better job so far.
    That scarf is so pretty! And impressive work on the running front.

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