Today I remember Szyja Waisbrod

And I think, despite the awfulness of the world, how utterly lucky I am, to be sitting on the sofa, feeding LK, listening to the rain. We went for our first run as a family today. She napped so evidently liked it.

I wrote about Szyja a couple of years ago. I’ll light a candle tonight.


Exquisite Torture

The sound of N snoring while LK falls asleep mid-feed at 5am, knowing that maternity leave ends briefly for 4 weeks on Monday and that you get your silver boobies on Sunday.

I mean, talk about mingled emotions… On the one hand, I want to get back to work. On the other, I’ll miss her so much. On the third, it’s lovely for her to have some solid Daddy time but, oh! She’s changing so much right now I have serious FOMO. Plus, I hate pumping and there’s only going to be more of it if I don’t get to feed her myself (I still get to feed outside working hours. It could be worse).

How has it been six months since we welcomed LK into the world? She giggles, she rolls, she can almost sit up totally unaided. She can push her kitty about the floor and her teeth are definitely moving. She chatters and helps to read her books by turning the pages (like me, she loves stories). She more or less sleeps through the night, and she is putting up less of a fight about sleeping in general. She grumbles when she’s hungry or getting tired (usually hungry is the key grumble) and is easily amused by Goo-Giraffe or Caroline Moo-Cow or Moonitorn or Hippomapotomus. Our lives are vastly enriched and we are the luckiest of parents. I mean. We get to hear this lovely noise on a regular basis (taken at about 5am…)