As suspected

It doesn’t matter how intense an office job is: looking after a baby is much more tiring. On the other hand, the giggles and smiles are much more rewarding. And you’re highly unlikely to find yourself going through three different teams and three different managers in the space of six months. I mean, I had one good and lovely manager on my first keep in touch day in September. A new team and manager (equally good and lovely) by my second keep in touch day in November. And a third team and manager by Monday of this week. Which makes my fourth team in the space of 3 years, and my fifth manager. On the plus side, I’m on the same team as someone who was on my first team, I’ve worked with most of my new team and like them all, and my new manager seems like a lovely chap (although I suspect he probably doesn’t support Spurs like the last two did).

It is a bit disconcerting, though, all this change. And I seriously, seriously need to get on top of powershell when I go back to work properly in April.

Running is going well. The snow last week made for a few treadmill sessions, but the last two runs have been outside in fog and rain. And the dark. I really dislike running in the dark. Intervals on uneven pavements in dim lighting are not my idea of fun – and it’s hard to get motivated after supper too (and not fair on N to delay supper for ages while I run). But: it seems to be getting easier. I managed a sub 9 minute mile for the first time in well over a year, albeit slightly hill assisted. I am Getting There.

Yes. A chocolate fountain on the fridge. I think I need a 40th birthday partay with a chocolate fountain, don’t you?