Tummy, whiskers, tongue and paws….

LK loves the singing kitty that Granny bought her. N & I, on the other hand, find that its inane tunes are permeating our very bones, and that if we’re not diligent, our days have their very own silent theme tune. Occasionally, this breaks out into song.

We all went for a run on Saturday: a badly timed nappy meant we missed parkrun by about five minutes so we beetled along the canal in the opposite direction. LK fell asleep (she seems to rather like the running buggy. We got a secondhand Nipper Sport on a friend’s recommendation, and it’s awesome) and we managed 6 miles. One of which was practically at marathon pace. I’m so lucky to be able to manage 3 runs a week: and while I’m on maternity leave, and now she’s bigger, one of those can be during the day. Once she’s at nursery, I am cautiously optimistic about being able to drop her off early once a week, or collect her slightly later, and have a run in daylight. The runs of the past month or so have been mostly after 8pm, and after supper: it is not fun running on a fullish stomach (but does mean I seem to fly, relatively speaking, if I can run on just breakfast now).

The last week has flown. I have seven more weeks of maternity leave then back to work (unless I want unpaid leave…) and, honestly, seven weeks doesn’t seem like enough. In the midst of this, we have the endurance test of a long flight to Canada with a baby who is too big for a bassinet and who can’t have her own seat owing to not having the correct type of carseat… we may well be relaxing the strict no screen time rules to get us through this one. I need to load up the kindle app with picture books (she gets one carryon for her luggage, so will be sharing mine, and books are bulky). We’re getting an activity gym shipped to one of my cousins to deliver for us, and taking the playnest, which currently corals her nicely. Then again, she can’t yet get herself into a sitting position on her own… she can sit. Just with help.

We are also having fun with baby led weaning. Last night’s stirfry went down very well. And over the floor. This morning involved an oatibix-yogurt face mask. Yummy.