Oh LK, stop losing your thumb…

We thought stopping the dummy would reduce the falling asleep woe: because it wouldn’t fall out and then you wouldn’t be upset that it had disappeared if you’d not had it in the first place. But oh! The woe of you losing your thumb while trying to nap. It has been a jarring 15 minutes for all three of us.

Mind you, you have been an awesome little trooper. 9 hours on a plane, and you were only really upset when you got a bit too warm, and a trip to the back of the plane, with half an hour of singing (how many verses can I make up of “Prickle Eyed Bush”?) and a dose of Calpol (don’t judge. She was feverish) sorted you out. You’ve slept nicely in the cot in the hotel, at more or less the correct local time, and more or less in line with your usual patterns. That work on “it’s dark, you sleep, and Mummy and Daddy don’t entertain you” appears to have paid off.

Ahh. You’ve found your thumb. You’ve gone down for a nap without being fed to sleep. You rock, little one.

And Mummy got to go for an altitude run (20 mins on the treadmill, 5 mins on the bike at 1255m). So Daddy also rocks too for sending me off…

And all so we can go to a family wedding (yes, those are enormous shin bruises. I whacked myself with the carseat at the airport).