Woohoo! I finished something!

I’ve just sewn on the buttons (which are cute, and wooden, and have no plastic packaging, and came from Hobbycraft. Which is a direct contrast to the acrylictastic yarn which was a gift but will wash well). Pattern is Little Wriggler by Easyknits and it’s the most useful garment for a slightly nippy day or when the heating isn’t on. This is a pre-blocking photo so that I have *a* photo. I am not sure the post-blocking photo will happen.

We are all jetlagged. We went to Canada to ski, and to my cousin’s wedding (outdoors in a ski resort).

Most of my family lives in the Vancouver area, and the wedding was in Sun Peaks. It was so utterly lovely to catch up: some I haven’t seen for 18 years. Then we got to go skiing, or snowboarding (I ski, N boards) and hang a little more with family and generally have a glorious time. LK was superb on both long flights: I am never going to fly with her in my lap again (we do not have an aircraft approved carseat, nor could we borrow one. Her next seat will be aircraft approved, and she’ll have her own seat. Between mild turbulence and a total inability on the airline’s part to provide a bassinet, it was somewhat exhausting and nervewracking). We togged her up in ski-goggles and carried her round the resort. She was definitely the cutest baby. Everyone said so.

She’ll be learning to ski in a few years’ time. Needs to get the knack of standing and walking first, though. Me, I stuck to the easy green runs when I was out, and had a lovely time.

With luck, LK won’t get spooked at 11:30pm tonight, and thus we’ll all sleep before 2:30am. Last night’s shenanigans were just a tad challenging: she had such woe. It was so exhausting, N slept through his alarm this morning and ended up WFH, which was rather lovely. Both LK and I napped simultaneously, though, which means the house is in total chaos and the laundry’s out of control again. Usually she naps and I sort out chores: yesterday she napped so soundly, I was able to unpack her suitcase in the same room!

With even more luck, I’ll have the energy for a run tomorrow…



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  1. That little vest thing is so cute- well done! The skiing looks wonderful but I can’t imagine flying all that way with a baby on your lap!

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