Zero Waste Runner

I think it’s almost impossible to run distances and be zero waste… gels, water bottles, shotblox, trainers, running gear, camelbak: all that plastic. Granted, we can reduce the single use plastic consumption – reusable bottles, bulk buying jellybabies from costco, making our own electolyte drinks (let’s face it, basically sugar, salt and water…we can get fancy and use tablets, but they’re still packaged in plastic), making our own gels in reusable pouches (messy).

So, I was pretty thrilled to get £5 off my entry to Basingstoke Half Marathon for being a “zero waste” runner. No water, no medal (bit sad about that) and no tech top! Because, I carry my own water anyhow, and I have more than enough running tops which actually fit me, without adding in another badly fitting freebie.

I wish more races would do this.