I do realise

That my declaration about deciding to buy British yarn does make me sound like a bonkers Brexiteer. Honestly. I’m not. It’s got more to do with reducing my carbon handprint. I have heaps of pretty yarn I want to knit up. I won’t stop buying local souvenir yarn when travelling. I am sure I will slip sporadically. I have one last slip-up planned.

N ran all six major marathons (New York, Chicago, Berlin, Boston, Tokyo, London). He has had socks knitted for every single one: for New York, we’d been going out a scant six weeks at that point and I sent him into Purl Soho to choose some yarn (he chose lurid green as he’d run the marathon to fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support) for socks, demonstrating his knitworthiness. He gets an extra pair for the extra sparkly medal he got for completing 6 marathons, and he wants a specific colour scheme for that. My slip-up will be the custom dyed yarn. I want to use the same Etsy seller as I used for his Tokyo socks yarn, and she’s based in the USA. So that little package will travel a long way. But she’s fabulous and reliable. See how bonkers those stripes are? And they match the colours on the Tokyo marathon website menu perfectly when seen in real life.